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Mathias Weller

Doctor rerum naturalium

Institute of Computational Biology (IBC)
Laboratory of Informatics, Robotics, and Microelectronics of Montpellier (LIRMM)
University Montpellier II
161 rue Ada
34392 Montpellier cedex 5
Phone: +33 4 67 14 95 74
Room: 02/164, bâtiment 5
For encrypted mails, use my PGP public key (fingerprint 98D5 9418 8AEA 7C23 F535 F63C 2D85 72C3 95F6 6C5B).

My research interests include
  • Parameterized Algorithmics
  • Genome Scaffolding
  • Phylogenetic Networks
  • Structural Parameterization
  • Preprocessing and permissive kernelization concepts
My CV can be found here.
Photo of Mathias Weller


If not stated otherwise, all software is written by me in C++ and should compile with GCC in any *nix-like environment (including cygwin), see also the included README file. All my projects can also be found on github.
Sudoku A rule-based sudoku solver implementing the "transitive chain analysis" rule.
TransEd A solver for the Transitivity Editing problem.
GCClust A GUI-based solver for the Consensus Clustering problem.
2LP A solver for the Two-Layer Planarization problem (deprecated, update in progress).
EE A solver for the Eulerian Extension problem (written in Java by Georg Hieronimus).
CoilCoater A solver for the Colorful Independent Set problem (written by René v. Bevern).
Status Sequence Analyser A program to reconstruct a caterpillar tree from a given "status"-sequence.
Genome Scaffolder A program to join and overlap preassembled contigs in fasta format into scaffolds using paired end information given as a scaffold graph. Needs CPLEX.


See also this self-maintained PDF, my Google Scholar Profile, or this DBLP page.