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FP7 - European EPIONE Project [2013-2017]

subject: Natural sensory feedback for phantom limb pain modulation and therapy

Partners: AAU (Aalborg, Denmark), École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), IUPUI (Indianapolis, USA), Lund University (LUNDS UNIVERSITET), MXM (Vallauris, France), Novosense AB (NS), IMTEK (Freiburg, Germany), UAB (Barcelona, Spain),  Aalborg Hospital, Universita’ Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC), Centre hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV)


website: http://www.rehabilitationrobotics.eu/


Subject: Identification de paramètres mécaniques et estimation des variables cinématiques et dynamiques du système postural et locomoteur

Partners: Collaboration with Pr. Capozzo (Roma)

Associate Team:  Artificial Walking @WALK [2010-2012]

Subject: muscle modelling and artificial walking.

Partners: Robotics Lab, Stanford University (O. Khatib), DEMAR INRIA Sophia-Antipolis (P. Fraisse)

FP7 European TIME Project [2008-2012]

Subject: Transverse, Intrafascicular Multichannel Electrode system for induction of sensation and treatment of phantom limb pain in amputees.

Partners: AAU (Aalborg, Denmark), MXM (Vallauris, France), SSSA (Pisa, Italy), IMTEK (Freiburg, Germany), UAB (Barcelona, Spain), UCBM (Roma, Italy), IUPUI (Indianapolis, USA).

France-Stanford Center for Interdisciplinary Studies [2006-2007]

Subject: Artificial Walking

Partners: Collaboration with Professor Oussama Khatib from robotics lab (Stanford University), 3 months stay for P. Fraisse in Stanford.

National Medical Reasearch Council - Nayang Technological University [2006-2009]

Subject: Pathological tremor.

Partners: Nayang Technological University (Singapore), LIRMM (scientific leader)

Merlion Program, Singapore [2009-2010]

Subject: Junior and senior Researcher exchange.

Partners: Nayang Technological University (Singapore), LIRMM (scientific leader)

ECONET EGIDE [2006-2008]

Subject: New technologies for walking functional reeducation.

Partners: Laboratory for Biomedical Engineering - Department of Systems and Signals, Faculty of Electrical Engineering - Serbia,  Research and Development in Rehabilitation - Institute for rehabilitation of Republic of Slovenia.

FP6 EURON Prospective Research Project [2005-2006]

Subject: Lower-extremity movement restoration through muscle closed-loop FES control using natural sensor feedback

Partners: DEMAR (INRIA Sophia-Antipolis), SMI Aalborg (Denmark)

FP6 European Project "HEBE" [2005-2006]

Subject: Mobile Monitoring and Automatic Fall Detection Device for Ederly People living alone

Partners: Fatronik (Spain), LIRMM-CNRS (scientific leader), Zenon (Greece), Icavi bikain (Spain), Wany Robotics (France), Com&Media (Greece)