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The DEMAR project team is composed of 7 permanent research scientists.

Head of the project

David Guiraud

Senior Research Scientist, INRIA , site : INRIA Sophia - LIRMM (Montpellier)
Topic : Biomedical Eng., Advanced Signal Processing, Neural Networks, Human Sensori-Motor System Modelling and Control




Administrative assistant

Annie Aliaga

[INRIA Administrative Assistant]




Permanent researchers

David Andreu

[Associate Professor HDR  University Montpellier 2]

Topics : networked neuroprostheses, digital architecture, software 


Christine Azevedo Coste

[INRIA Research Scientist] [Project vice head]

Topics : movement control, electrophysiology, clinical experiments


Mitsuhiro Hayashibe

[INRIA Research Scientist]

Topics : modeling, scientific computing, identification protocols, motor control and learning



Daniel Simon

[INRIA Research Scientist HDR]

Topics : Real-time control, scheduling



François Bonnetblanc

[MdC, University Bourgogne - Inria Delegation]

Topics :Neuroscience



 Associate permanent researchers

Fabien Soulier

[Associate Professor, University Montpellier II]

Topics : signal processing, analog circuit design, electrode modelling

Guy Cathébras

[Professor, Univeristy Montpellier II]

Topics : analog design, Cadence software expert 

Charles Fattal

[Medical Doctor, Ph.D., Propara Center]

Medical physics, rehabiliation with SCI patients 

Philippe Fraisse

[Professor, University Montpellier II]

Topics : control, assistive robotics, patient interface 



Benjamin Gilles

[CNRS Research Scientist]

Topics : ...


Karen Godary-Dejean

[Associate Professor, University Montpellier II]

Topics: discrete event systems, model checking, dependability...


Permanent technical staff


Thierry Gil

[Research Engineer, CNRS]

Digital electronics


Robin Passama

[Research Engineer, CNRS]

Software, analyst, real time programming



Non permanent technical staff


Jérémie Salles



Benoit Sijobert


Software & systems,

FES application

Arthur Hiairrassary 


Software, digital electronics

Milan Demarcq


Analog & digital electronics

Guillaume Souquet


Digital electronics




Post Doc


 Olivier Rossel [Post Doc]

Circuits intégrés de recueil et d’interprétation des signaux nerveux

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