Registrations are open!

Registration fees

(BY MARCH 15, 2020)
(AFTER MARCH 15, 2020)
Local students* 240 € 240 €
IEEE Members 500€ 600€
Non-IEEE Members 550€ 650€
*Students from Morocco and other african countries. The fee does not include gala dinner and excursion.
Gala dinner and Excursion extra ticket: 85€

Registration Process

The payment process is online and fully automated. Please pay attention: once started, the registration procedure cannot be interrupted. Click here for the registration page.

Each accepted paper shall be accompanied by at least one full conference registration at the speaker rate (i.e., two speaker registrations are needed for two accepted papers, e.g. from the main author or a co-author of the paper).

Please note that ALL participants, including tutorial speakers, speakers, session chairs and students, need to register.

Participants register through our secure on-line registration service. After registration you will receive a confirmation email, stating again your registration details. After payement, an invoice will be sent in shortly to your stated email address.

Please note that, for registrations at the door, we cannot guarantee a conference brochure and you are required to pay in cash.

Conference registration includes access to technical sessions and conference events (coffee breaks, lunches, bus transfer to the social event, social event).