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Conference Venue: "Le Corum"

The conference is at the CORUM site. Address: "Tunnel du Corum – Rue de l’Arquebuse – Montpellier"

To get to the CORUM there are several possibilities:


1. Walk: Corum is in the center of the town close to the Comédie or Antigone area. To reach Corum from the center you will walk around 5 - 10 minutes. There are some cafes near to the Corum (between the Corum and the Comédie) conveniently situated in the shade, perfect for the morning coffee.

2. Drive: The traffic in Montpellier, especially in the morning is quite busy. Even if ECAI takes place during holidays the traffic can be quite challenging. The GPRS coordinates of the CORUM are N 43°36.816’’ E 3°52.855’’. There is a parking just under the Corum. Download the document "Access to Le Corum" (pdf)

3. Take the tram. The CORUM stop is well served by 2 tram lines (line 1 and line 2). Stop at the Corum and then go up the stairs in front of you (or follow the ECAI signs). At the very top of the stairs turn right. There is also an elevator available (where bikes are not allowed).

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