to create and manage relational context families (set of formal contexts and relations)


java -jar fca4j-cli.jar FAMILY <input> [<output-file>][options]



actions are:

    • IMPORT
    • EXPORT
    • REMOVE
    • RENAME


name of the concerned context

-new <CONTEXT>

new name of the context for rename action


scaling operator to import relational context

supported operators are:

    • exist,existForall,existContains,equality
    • existForallN,existContainsN (with float parameter as suffix)

-source <CONTEXT>

source name to import relational context

-target <CONTEXT>

target name to import relational context


supported formats are:

    • RCFT (default)
    • RCFGZ (compressed RCFT)
    • RCFAL (adjacency list JSON)


supported formats are:

    • CXT (Burmeisters ConImp)
    • SLF (HTK Standard Latice Format)
    • XML (Galicia v3)
    • CEX (ConExp)
    • CSV (Comma separated values


separator (CSV format only):

    • COMMA (default)
    • TAB

 -timeout <SECONDS>

set timeout for algorithm execution, in seconds


print a final report of the algorithm execution