to create a conceptual structure family from a relational context family. The output is a JSON file that can be opened in RCAviz, a DOT file that contains the graph of the conceptual structure family at the end of the process,TXT files for tracing the size of structures at each step, and traces.csv that contains the formal and relational contexts and other settings used at each step. The input is a relational context family.


java -jar fca4j-cli.jar RCA <input> [<output-folder>][options]



store the final extended family


rename relational attributes using concept intents


build dot files


build xml files

-a <ALGO>

supported algorithms are:

    • ARES
    • CERES
    • PLUTON
    • HERMES


for ICEBERG: percentage (of extent) to keep the top-most concepts


supported formats are:

    • RCFT (default)
    • RCFGZ (compressed RCFT)
    • RCFAL (adjacency list JSON)


separator (CSV format only):

    • COMMA (default)
    • TAB

 -timeout <SECONDS>

set timeout for algorithm execution, in seconds


print a final report of the algorithm execution