Le Hameau de l'étoile
Hameau de l'étoile
June 1-5th, 2020
village of Saint Martin de Londres near Hameau de l'étoile
Important message: MCEB postponed until september 2020

We are aiming at holding MCEB 2020 at the Hameau de l'Etoile at the very end of September. We will make definitive announcements as soon as we have more clarity on the situation.

Theme and spirit

The focus of this year's edition will be on “Climate Changes and their Impacts on Evolution”, in particular the preservation of biodiversity, the conservation of species, the study of ecosystems and their dynamics, and the reconstruction of major past changes of climate and living conditions on Earth. All speakers will be kindly asked to say a few words (or a full talk!) on these crucial questions and how they interfere with their own research. Moreover, special attention will be given to Machine Learning approaches, which should be key in the development of complex models and the analysis of big data sets.

Beyond this year’s themes, general concepts, models, methods and algorithms will be presented and discussed, just as in the previous editions of MCEB. As usual, the meeting will bring together researchers originating from various disciplines: mathematics, computer science, phylogenetics, population genetics, epidemiology, ecological modeling ... Keynote speakers will introduce a field of research and discuss their own work in this field (see below). Afternoon will be for short presentations and posters, with plenty of time for discussions. We will stop early every day, thus leaving time for other activities, such as hiking or swimming. The number of attendees will be limited to favor small group interactions.

Essential information
  • Place : "Hameau de l'Etoile" (Saint Martin de Londres), near Montpellier in the South of France. See details on venue tab.
  • Dates : June 1-5th, 2020. The conference will begin Monday evening and will end at about 2pm on Friday.
  • A bus shuttle service is organised to depart from Montpellier at 17:00 on Monday 1st June to take delegates to the Hameau de l'étoile and will bring people back to Montpellier centre and airport leaving the Hameau at about 15:00 on Friday 5th June.
  • Fee : Around 500€ (Includes accommodation for four nights with breakfast, bus shuttle service, lunches, dinners, coffee breaks and drinks around posters from Monday night until Friday lunch time included.)
Keynote speakers
  • Bastien Boussau (Laboratoire de Biométrie et Biologie Evolutive,CNRS, Lyon, FR)
    Adaptation of grasses to climate change: past and present
  • Lounes Chikhi (Instituto Gulbenkian, Lisboa and CNRS, Toulouse, FR)
    Population and Conservation Genetics
  • Christophe Dessimoz (University of Lausanne, CH)
    The Quest for Orthologs
  • Simon Gravel (Mc Gill University, Montreal, CA)
    Population Genetics and Genomics
  • Michel Milinkovitch (Université de Genève, CH)
    Convergent evolution of pattern formation
  • Ophélie Ronce (ISEM, Montpellier, FR)
    Evolutionary and Demographic Dynamics
  • Tandy Warnow (University of Illinois , USA)
    Large Scale Phylogenomic Estimation
Important dates
  • Deadline for registration and abstract submission: 2020, March 10th
  • Notification to applicants: 2020 March 23rd
  • Final list of attendees: 2020 April 15th
Organizing Committee
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