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The subject is evolution, which is considered at different scales: sequences, genes, gene families, organelles, genomes, and species. The focus is on the mathematical and computational tools and concepts, which form an essential basis of evolutionary studies. Recent years have witnessed rapid progress in this area, with models becoming more realistic, and complex, and with fast algorithms able to deal with the large datasets that are available today.

Non-exhaustive list of topics: phylogenetics, evolutionary genetics and genomics, molecular evolution of pathogens and epidemiology, biodiversity, statistical modelling, algorithmics, and software development.

The program will include short talks (typically 20 minutes), posters sessions and plenty of time for discussions.

This conference is a continuation of:

Scientific committee:

  • Elisabeth Allman: University of Alaska, US.
  • Vincent Berry: CNRS, FR.
  • David Bryant: University of Auckland, NZ.
  • Frantz Depaulis: CNRS, FR.
  • Laurent Duret: CNRS, FR.
  • Nicolas Galtier: CNRS, FR.
  • Olivier Gascuel: CNRS, FR, chair.
  • Junhyong Kim: University of Pennsylvania, US.
  • Mike Hendy: Massey University, NZ.
  • Daniel Huson: University of Tübingen, DE.
  • Vincent Moulton: University of East Anglia, UK.
  • David Posada: Universidad de Vigo, ES.
  • Allen Rodrigo: University of Auckland, NZ, co-chair.
  • Noah Rosenberg: University of Michigan, US.
  • Charles Semple: University of Canterbury, NZ.
  • Mike Steel: University of Canterbury, NZ.

Organizing committee:

Céline Berger, Samuel Blanquart, Olivier Gascuel, Vincent Lefort (LIRMM, CNRS-UM2).

Location and Payment
  • The conference will be held in the Hameau de l'Etoile, a small village dedicated to seminars and conferences, which is located at about 30 km in the north of Montpellier (south of France).

  • Conference fees:
    140 € for a single room.
    100 € for a double room, a shared room (3 or 4 people) or a single cabin.
    These prices are for one person for all the conference (3 days, 2 nights), including:
    • Transportation from Montpellier by buses the 10th of june in the morning.
    • Transportation to Montpellier by buses the 12th of june in the afternoon.
    • Meals and breakfasts, coffee breaks.

    Meeting point:
    Bus station, Parking du Grand Saint Jean (close to the train station and served by the tram).


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