Mature tools

Cogui, developed since 2005 and written in Java, is a graphical editor for building and checking knowledge bases. Currently, it is devoted to conceptual graphs but it also imports/exports RDFS documents. It can perform some reasoning tasks either alone or by communication with Cogitant engine.

Cogitant, evolving since 15 years and written in C++, is a platform for building conceptual graph applications. This platform is a faithful implementation of the theoretical models developed in our team (see the Graph-based Knowledge Representation book). Cogitant is now maintained by David Genest at LERIA.

Tools under developement

KIABORA is an analyzer of rule bases dedicated to the existential rule framework (see also Datalog+/-) written in Java. Its main purpose is to analyze decidability properties of a set of existential rules.

ALASKA (Abstract and Logic-based Architecture for Storage systems and Knowledge bases Analysis) is a generic Knowledge Representation architecture that uses an API that models a positive subset of First Order Logic. One can use it to load/parse data from RDF(S) or Datalog files, to store this information on disk using various systems, and to perform conjunctive queries over the stored content in a uniform way. Written in Java, ALASKA is meant to work as the lower level component of any KR project.