Workshop on Graph Decomposition: Theoretical, Algorithmic and Logical Aspects

April 7-11, 2008

CIRM, Luminy, Marseille (France)

Organized by the French ANR project "Décomposition de graphes et algorithmes"

Monday 7th:
  • 16h30: H. Bodlaender "Algorithms for finding tree decompositions..."
  • 17h30: Y. Villanger (U. Bergen) "Computing treewidth with help of firefighters"
  • 18h00: J. Daligault  (LIRMM) "The well quasi-order of relabel functions"
  • 18h30: J.A. Telle (U. Bergen) "H-join graphs and rankwidth"
Tuesday 8th:
  • 9h30: M. Fellows "What about trees ? ..."
  • 10h30: M. Tedder (U. of Toronto) "Linear time modular decomposition"
  • 11h00: M. Rao (LIRMM) "Representing partitive crossing families ..."
  • 11h30: P. Ille (IML) "Hypercritical graphs and their applications"
Wednesday 9th:
  • 9h30: D. Kratsch "Fast exponential algorithms..."
  • 10h30: F. Havet (MASCOTTE) "Decomposing graphs into dense cliques"
  • 11h00: D. Coudert (MASCOTTE) "On the process number of (di)graphs"
  • 11h30: P. Jegou (LSIS) "Hypertree decomposition vs tree decomposition for solving constraint networks"
  • 12h00: Z. Miklos (U. Oxford) "Understanding tractable decomposition for constraint satisfactions"
Thursday 10th:
  • 9h30: J. Makowsky "Connection matrices of numeric graph invariants"
    P. Skums (Minks) "Operator decomposition of graphs and their applications"
    L. Lyaudet (LIFO) "Graph covering and algebraic complexity"
    E. Gioan (LIRMM) "TBA"
Friday 11th:
  • 9h30: B. Courcelle (LaBRI) "Labelling schemes for solving FO and MSO queries..."
  • 10h30: B. Lévêque (EP. Lausanne)"Characterizing path graphs by forbidden induced subgraphs"
  • 11h00: S. Burkel () "The inductive kernel of graphs"
  • 11h30: G. Even (Tel-Aviv Univ.) "Online randomized preemptive algorithms for disjoint paths in series-parallel graphs"