2nd Workshop on Graph Decompositions
Theoretical, Algorithmic and Logical Aspects

October 18-22, 2010

CIRM, Luminy, Marseille (France)

Supported by the French ANR project GRAAL "Décomposition de graphes et algorithmes" and the French ANR project AGAPE "Algorithmes de graphes paramétrés et exacts"

This workshop on graph decompositions aims at gathering researchers from different communities such as graph theory, logical theory, algorithmic theory. Few themes have been proposed (not excluding other topics):
  • Excluded minors and width notions,
  • Implementation of verification of MSO properties,
  • Labelling Schemes based on graph decompositions,
  • Effcient graph decomposition algorithms,
  • Generalization of modular decomposition and related notions,
  • Graph decomposition and logic in fixed parameterized complexity.
The objective is to stimulate discussions and informal peer to peer meetings or working session. The daily program will thus be organized in a morning and an evening session, letting free afternoons. Each session will contain a plenary talk and few contributed talks.

Invited speakers

Programme of the workshop (with abstracts and slides)

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Practical informations

The workshop will be organized at the CIRM at Marseille. CIRM facilities include conference rooms, library, housing, restaurant... It is located on Luminy campus close to the famous calanques de Marseille area.