Federico Ulliana

Associate Professor at LIRMM and Montpellier University, INRIA GraphIK Team

federico.ulliana π univ-montp2.fr
LIRMM, 4 rue Ada, Montpellier, 34000 (FRANCE)

PC Member SIGMOD 2017 , ISWC 2016 , ECAI 2016 , BDA 2016 , BDA 2015 , RR 2015 , IJCAI 2015 , AAAI 2015

Project OMQA for NOSQL Databases (see our AAAI-2016 paper) founded by the CNRS PEPS JCJC 2016 program.


On Databases and Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

On Domain-Specific Applications of Ontologies

My Corporis Fabrica : a new ontology for supporting 3D simulations of the human anatomy (.data) and of the embryological development (.data).
Check out also the and the young Anatoscope startup!

  • My Corporis Fabrica : Ontology-Based Simulation of 3D Human Models
    Part 1 : Anatomy Models
    Part 2 : Embryology Models Part 3 : Assembly Models
    with F. Faure, V. Favier, J.-C. Léon, B. Massé, O. Palombi, P.-Y. Rabattu, M.-C. Rousset and D. Rohmer
    JBS 2014 JBS 2015 Journal of Biomedical Semantics
    (also demonstrated at SIGGRAPH 2014 International Conference on Computer Graphics)




HLIN304 - Bases de données

HMIN106M - Bases de données avancées

HMIN103 - Présentation des données du Web

HMIN313 - Nouvelles approches pour la persistance des données

HMIN205 - Web Sémantique et Social