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Teaching activities (Science Faculty) Faculté des Sciences - UM2

"Intégration de compétences" Master

Bioinformatics degree at master level

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Below are some details and material for courses I teach in this master.

  • FMIN118 - Introduction to algorithms course notes (pdf, 33 pages)
  • FMIN362 - Advanced programming (web page)
  • FMIN220 - Data structures complex processing (web page)
  • FMIN112 - Operating systems & Networks
  • FMIN422 - Grid and intensive computing - course on stochastic optimization (pdf, 18 p.)
  • FMIN219 - Tutored project - project list for 2009

Computer Science Master (IFPRU)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Older course

TrainingSup Agro Montpellier   IRD  

  • Methods & measures in phylogenetic reconstruction (SupAgro Montpellier)
  • ...

Interactive course