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Research topics: Kolmogorov complexity and algorithmic information theory, algorithmic randomness, computational complexity, tilings.

Publication list (pdf) ;
publication since 2008 in doc-format ;
official report for 2014-2016
see also selected papers, books, popular expositions online and bibliographic links
DBLP (Trier University),
Google Scholar.

Textbook on Kolmogorov complexity
(Russian, published in 2013, minor corrections)
(English translation to be published by AMS, draft) (Scan of the printed book)

Non-academic texts (mostly in Russian)


Project Team: ESCAPE (Complex systems, Automata and Tilings).
Participating in ANR projects:
NAFIT ANR-08-EMER-008-01
EMC ANR-09-BLAN-0164-01
RaCAF ANR-15-CE40-0016-01



161 rue Ada
F-34095 Montpellier Cedex 5, France

e-mail: Alexander.Shen@lirmm.fr

homepage: www.lirmm.fr/~ashen/

On leave from Institute of Problems of Information Transmission (IITP RAS), Moscow.



Curriculum vitae: pdf

Thésards (former PhD students):

  • Andrei Rumyantsev (Moscow, with Nikolay Verehchshagin)
  • Laurent Bienvenu (Marseille, co-direction with Bruno Durand)
  • Daniil Musatov (Moscow, with Nikolay Verehchshagin)
  • Tarik Kaced (co-direction with Andrei Romashchenko), 2009-2012
  • Mikhail Andreev (Moscow, with Nikolay Verehchshagin)

Scientific/popularization events

  • mini-course on Kolmogorov Complexity in Computer Science Club, 2010, Saint-Petersburg
  • mini-course on Basics of Computer Science in Computer Science Club, 2012, Saint-Petersburg
  • Franco-Russian workshop Algorithms theory and application, June 2010, Moscow (lab. Poncelet, UMR 2615)
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