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NNID : Nearly Nested Image Datasets

Illustration with costs

Webpage published in October 2022.

Send an email to to get a private copy.

HOW TO CITE the NNID database:
" A study on the invariance in security whatever the dimension of images for the steganalysis by deep-learning ”, Kévin Planolles, Marc Chaumont, Frédéric Comby, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, ICASSP’2023, 4-10 June 2023, Greek island of Rhodes, Rhodes, 5 pages. Paper (pdf). Slides (pdf). Poster (pdf). Video (mp4). FAQ (pdf).

GitHub of the Dilated-Yedroudj-Net :

Relative payload (bpp) for an embedding with UNIWARD
Relative payload size (bpp) for an embedding with UNIWARD