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- Link for the material page for Yedrouj-Net network referenced in the paper under submission " Yedrouj-Net: An efficient CNN for spatial steganalysis ", Mehdi YEDROUJ, Frédéric COMBY, and Marc CHAUMONT, submited to the IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, ICASSP'2018, 15–20 April 2018, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 5 pages.

- Source of Steerable Gaussian Filters : zip
  from " Color Image Steganalysis Based on Steerable Gaussian Filters Bank," IH&MMSec'2016.
  Note: Counsidering a color image, this Matlab code enables to extract: 
            - MaxI_R (resp. MaxI_G, MaxI_B), the gradient magnitude image of the Red (resp. Green, Blue) channel,
            - R_theta_90 (resp. G_theta_90, B_theta_90), the tangent derivative of the Red (resp. Green, Blue) channel  
                                  orthogonal to the gadient of the Red (resp. Green, Blue) channel.

- Source of « A High Capacity Reversible Watermarking Scheme », VCIP’2009, SPIE’2009 (zip)