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- Link for the material page for Yedrouj-Net network referenced in the paper " Yedrouj-Net: An efficient CNN for spatial steganalysis ", Mehdi YEDROUJ, Frédéric COMBY, and Marc CHAUMONT, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, ICASSP'2018, 15–20 April 2018, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 5 pages.

- Source of Steerable Gaussian Filters : zip
  from " Color Image Steganalysis Based on Steerable Gaussian Filters Bank," IH&MMSec'2016.
  Note: Counsidering a color image, this Matlab code enables to extract: 
            - MaxI_R (resp. MaxI_G, MaxI_B), the gradient magnitude image of the Red (resp. Green, Blue) channel,
            - R_theta_90 (resp. G_theta_90, B_theta_90), the tangent derivative of the Red (resp. Green, Blue) channel  
                                  orthogonal to the gadient of the Red (resp. Green, Blue) channel.

- Source of « A High Capacity Reversible Watermarking Scheme », VCIP’2009, SPIE’2009 (zip)