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Marc Chaumont  is Assistant Professor, HDR, at the LIRMM Montpellier, and does his teaching at the University of Montpellier.

He was born in November 1976, in France. He received his Engineer Diploma in Computer Sciences at the INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences) of Rennes, France in 1999 and his Ph.D. in Computer Sciences at the IRISA Rennes (INRIA, CNRS, University of Rennes 2, and INSA) in 2003. His Ph.D. thesis was about video objects representations, with dynamic coding and scalability functionalities, in the video compression area. He has carried on for one year its research activity at the INRIA Rennes and for one another year at the University Technological Institute of Bayonne, France as a Visiting Assistant Professor. During this last year, he focused on face tracking using a deformable 3D face model. Since September 2005, he is an Assistant Professor in the LIRMM (Laboratory of Computer Science, Robotic and Microelectronic) of Montpellier and the University of Nîmes. His current interests areas are multimedia security (steganography, watermarking, digital forensics, video & image compression) and to a lesser extent segmentation & tracking in videos. He has published more than 35 conference papers, 6 journal papers, and 4 open-access book chapters. He is in the International Advisory Committee of the open-access journal International Image Processing and Visual Communication (IJIPVC). He is reviewer for more than 20 journals (IEEE Transaction on Image Forensics and Security, IEEE Transaction on Image Processing, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, IS&T Journal of Electronic Imaging, ELSEVIER Digital Signal Processing, IET Information Security Journal, EURASIP Journal On Information Security ...) and for more than 10 conferences (IEEE ICIP, EUSIPCO, IWDW, IH&MMSec...).

Updated at the end of December 2012.

Additionally, he is responsible for the Licence "Math-Informatique" of the Nîmes University since September 2009. He is president of the jury of the L3 and member of the jury of L1 and L2. He is responsible of 5 teaching modules. He is member of the Scientific council from the University of Nîmes since 2011, and member of the expert pool of Montpellier since 2008. He participated to two ANR projects, from 2005 to 2011. He has co supervised three thesis and is at the moment supervisor of two PhD students. He also has supervised more than 10 Master 2 students.

Research Topics :

Steganography by modification is the art of modifying a media (image, sound, video, ...) in order to hide a secret message most often unrelated to the media, and so that changes are statistically undetectable. Steganalysis is the art of detecting the presence of a secret message.

We started this topic in 2010. We seek to propose new systems of steganography, to explore different scenarios and also to provide tools for steganalysis.

Watermarking is the art of modifying a media (image, sound, vidéo...) in order to hide a message, most of the time related to the media and most of the time in an inperceptible way.

From 2005, we are looking to watermarking scheme which are robust to the degredations occuring after the watermarking. Those degredations may be classical treatments such as filtering, compression... We study informed approaches, robustness and security issues.

Compression is the art of reducing the information redondancy. Compression is a major concern for the data storage and the data transmission. For the videos, the images or the sounds, the compression is often lossy.

From 2005-2011, we have proposed fonctionalities additions, to video/image compression standards such as H.264/AVC (MPEG-4 Part10), SVC (Scalable Video Coding) or JPEG2000. The watermarking is one of the fonctionality that we have intergrated into the video/image codecs.

Analysis, Image and Video Treatments (segmentation, tracking in vidéos, …):
I have essentially worked on this topic until 2006. I still occasionally contribute in it. I have worked on segmentation and on videos objects tracking. I have also worked on real-time face tracking with a deformable 3D model using active models.

Multimedia security (Steganography, Watermarking, Digital forensics, Compression), Segmentation, Video tracking.


The 1st ACM Information Hiding and Multimedia Security Workshop (IH&MMSec)
 IHMMSEC image
has been held at the Montpellier, in southern France, on June 17-19, 2013.