DDECS 2019 will be held in Cluj-Napoca, the main city of Transylvania, the central region of Romania.

With its rich historical and cultural heritage, Cluj-Napoca is an intellectual centre with an active society, renowned universities, museums, theatres and eye-catching architecture. It is also an important industrial and commercial hub.

With a population of around 350000 inhabitants and 120000 students, the city was the 2015 European Youth Capital.

Due to its location (equal distance between three East-European capitals, Bucharest, Budapest and Belgrade) and its flourishing economy, Cluj-Napoca is easy to reach by various means of transport.

By Plane

Cluj-Napoca International Airport, located at 8 km from the city center, offer directs regular flights to the following domestic and international destination and returns: Barcelona, Bari, Basel, Beauvais, Bergamo, Berlin, Billund, Birmingham, Bologna, Bucharest, Budapest, Charleroi, Doncaster/Sheffield, Dortmund, Dubai, Dublin, Eindhoven, Frankfurt, Iasi, Istanbul, Köln, Larnaca, Liverpool, Luton, Madrid, Malmö, Malta, Memmingen, Munich, Nisa, Nüremberg, Rome, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Timisoara, Treviso, Valencia, Warsaw, Zaragoza

Cluj-Napoca International Airport is linked with the city center:

  • By bus (duration of the trip: Airport -> Cluj-Napoca center approximately 30 minutes), every 10 minutes between 5:30 a.m. and 10:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday and every 30 minutes between 5:30 a.m. and 10 p.m. in weekend. The trip cost is 0.45€.
  • By taxi (duration of the trip: Airport -> Cluj-Napoca center approximately 20 minutes), the trip cost is around 10€.
  • Other options for those who do not have direct flights to/from Cluj-Napoca International Airport are offered by the Bucharest and Budapest international airports, the links between these European capitals and Cluj-Napoca being made by plane, by train, by car or by bus.

By train

Cluj-Napoca railway station, located in the city center, offers direct train connections with the following European capitals: Bucharest, and Budapest.

By car and long distance bus

Cluj-Napoca is linked with Bucharest through the following main routes:

  • Highway A1, European route E81 (450 km)
  • Highway A2, European route E60 (464 km)
  • Cluj-Napoca is linked with Budapest through highway M3 and European routes E79 and E60 (483 km).

Cluj-Napoca Beta bus station, located near the railway station, offers direct bus connections with Bucharest and Budapest.

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