An exploration by science into art in collaborations with designers, artists and children from Montpellier and beyond.

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‘Locandina-Ghost-in-the-Shell’ presentation in Venice, Nov 4 2023

Japan Science and Technology ERATO ‘Inami Jizai Body Project’

“Inside the head” by Sandra Victor, as well as “Robot Graffiti” by our team were presented in a collaborative art in Science event in Venice on 4rth November directed by our Japanese collborator and film director Shutaro Oku.

A 10 year old’s (my daughter’s) take on robotics+art (Aug 2023)

Human Centric Robotics logo

Evolution and different steps of the Human Centric Robotics logo. After several tests around Neuroscience / Robotics visual themes, this proposition was the one selected.

Logo designed by Vincent Cadilhon (Montpellier, France)

Robot Grafitti project: extending embodiment studies to art

A  1 year journey of an experimental collaboration between 2 graffiti artists, 1 musician and a robot. 

‘Robot graffeur fusionne’: A firt result

Theme: The robot learns to draw elements by mixing the motions by a French Graffiti artist and a Japanese Calligrapher, in effect embodying not only the two artists in the picture, but also embodying the cultures from the two countries and embodying the modern and the traditional. The two artists work in their respective workspace, while the robot is based and drawing on the moon! The video was presented on the 4th of November 2022 at the Jizai Collection event at the TBS IHC hall, Tokyo. 


The team: Ganesh Gowrishankar and Benjamin Navarro at LIRMM, with graffiti artists Vincent Cadilhon and Loic Lobet, musician David Lavaysse, and calligraphist and designer Tomoko Furukawa. Camera work by Sebastien Casino and direction by Shotaru Oku. 

The making of  the Robot graffeur fusionne

Jizai Collection: A artistic presentation of scientific results

A short synopsis of the Jizaika Collection live event organized by us on the 4th of November 2022. The event showcased our ERATO Jizai Body project, by taking an artistic view of the various scientific developments.