INSERM press release!

Our recently published study has been highlighted by INSERM (French National Institute of Health and Medical research) in its press release regarding its engagement in Cancer Research at the occasion of the World Cancer Day (4th of February). Their article (entitled “World Cancer Day: INSERM committed more than ever!") describes three studies with potential implications for care, including ours on the impact of chemotherapy on cell resistance to treatment (performed in collaboration with J.

New publication on cancer in Nature Communications

Excited to share our multidisciplinary research work on the impact of a chemotherapy drug on the behavior of cancer cells published in @NatureComms. This is part of a collaboration launched by JJ. Diaz team at the Center for Cancer Research of Lyon (Centre Léon Bérard) and our team is involved in the study of translation mechanism combining deep sequencing and bioinformatics. Team member involved: J. Ripoll Collaborators: A. David

Benoît Aliaga joins for his master internship

Welcome Benoît

INSERM and CNRS press releases about our work!

Both the INSERM and CNRS issued press news on their websites.

Welcome to Charlotte

Charlotte Dubec joins the team for an internship in collaboration with SpyGen company.

New publication in Nature Communications

Epitranscriptomic study published in Nature Communications

PEWO framework hosts a new tool

PEWO hosts, App-Spam, a new phylogenetic placement tool

PEWO presented at ALPHY meeting

Learn about PEWO online!

Publication in Bioinformatics

SHERPAS' paper accetped in the journal Bioinformatics


Software for efficient metagenomics and applications to virus metagenomics