Benoît Aliaga

Benoît Aliaga joins for his master internship

Following a bibliographic study on spatial and single-cell transcriptomics in November and December 2020, Benoît is now doing his internship with us on site and in collaboration with P. Bertolino from Cancer Research Center of Lyon. His topic deals with the bioinformatic analysis of single cell transcriptome of a tumor of the hypophysis gland.

Benoît earned a PhD in Molecular Biology, more precisely on Epigenetics, from the University of Perpignan in 2018. Now, he is studying bioinformatics in the master’s degree: “Numeric sciences for Health, Bioinformatic, Knowledge, data” from Montpellier University.

Co-supervision: Julie Ripoll

Welcome Benoît!

Eric Rivals
CNRS Research Director in Computer Science and Bioinformatics

My research interests include string algorithms, bioinformatics, genomics.