Evaluation score of App-Spam from bioRxiv

PEWO framework hosts a new tool

PEWO can be easily extended by community developers whenever a new tool is published or made available. Recently, a group of researchers from Göttingen in Germany proposed and implemented the integration of the tool App-Spam.

App-SpaM, which stands for /Alignment-free phylogenetic placement algorithm based on SPAced-word Matches/, can be installed with conda or from github. App-SpaM is alignment-free and uses spaced seeds. More on bioRxiv.

Only a few months after PEWO’s first release, App-Spam is now part of PEWO.

See https://github.com/phylo42/PEWO/wiki for details on how to use PEWO or to insert a tool in it.

Eric Rivals
CNRS Research Director in Computer Science and Bioinformatics

My research interests include string algorithms, bioinformatics, genomics.