My main research activities are about underwater robotics, and more specifically about vision systems in karstic and open water environments.

I aim at building a coherent vision pipeline to go from multimodal raw data acquisition to a 3D model, enriched with annotations and semantic data. To achieve this goal, my works cover the following fields :

  • Architecture of Vision systems
  • Data fusion and registration
  • 3D Reconstruction of environments
  • Vision based semantic modeling

Both theorical and technical (software and harware) approaches of these problems are of interest to me.

PhD. Students

Nasir Yakub
Underwater multi-vision system of a submarine robot for navigation and biodiversity observation.

Quentin Massone
Numérisation 3D en environnement aquatique : application aux réseaux karstiques


Yohan Breux
Du capteur à la sémantique : contribution à la modélisation d’environnement pour la robotique autonome en interaction avec l’humain.

Adrien Gomez
Concevoir et animer pour l’acceptation de robots zoomorphiques

Carla Aguiar
Segmentation and region-based registration applied to 3D raw point clouds. Application to cultural heritage.

Philippe Amat
Digitalisation sécurisée d’objets 3D : application aux formes et aux lignes de style de chaussures.