Registrations are open!

Registration fees

IEEE Speaker and Senior attendee 50 €
Non-IEEE Speaker and Senior attendee 60 €
Student attendee (not speaker and not senior) Free fare

The conference will be done through the virtual tool Whova. All the attendees that intend to access to Whova tool must register both to the conference and to the Whova tool by using exactly the same email address. The registration to DTIS will enable the access to the conference by Whova.
Please, note that you access to the Whova tool will be enabled within 24 hours after the conference registration.
Click in the following button to access Whova or procced below in this page to register to DTIS.

Standard Registration Process (with payment)

The payment process is online and fully automated. Please pay attention: once started, the registration procedure cannot be interrupted. To start the registration, click on the following link:

Each accepted paper shall be accompanied by at least one full conference registration at the speaker rate (i.e., two speaker registrations are needed for two accepted papers, e.g. from the main author or a co-author of the paper).

Please note that ALL participants, including tutorial speakers, speakers, session chairs and students, need to register.

Participants register through our secure on-line registration service. After registration you will receive a confirmation email, stating again your registration details. During the registration process, please, just ignore the fields about food preferences, venue, and leave time. After payment, an invoice will be sent in shortly to your stated email address.

Note: For security reasons, the registration platform allows only one connection for the payment. Before registering, please make sure that you are able to finalize the payment of your registration. If you have already started your registration without completing it, the platform considers that you are already registered. In this case, please re-register using another email address and send us an email to let us know, we will delete your first registration.

TROUBLESHOOTING: in case of problem, please contact the chairs:
Finance chair: Arnaud Virazel:
CC: General chair: Luigi Dilillo:
CC: Web chair: Douglas Santos:

Student Registration Process (free fare)

The student attendees that do not participate to the conference as speakers may register at the following link.