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Important dates

Submission Deadline
December 15th, 2021
January 14th, 2022
Notification of Final Acceptance
June 15th, 2022
Publication date
July 2022
Microelectronics and Reliability

The authors that submitted their work at DTIS 2021 are invited to submit an extended version of their papers to a Special Issue of Microelectronics & Reliability journal, Elsevier.

Journal of Microelectronics Reliability seeks original manuscripts for a Special Issue on Design & Test of Integrated Systems scheduled to appear in July 2022.
The development of highly reliable and secure emerging devices and architectures offer key advantages for research in the fields where the increasing demand for massive storage and high computation speed at low-power consumption require substantial research efforts. Moreover, the predictions are that, in the near future, novel technologies and dedicated designs will be introduced in the fields of automotive and healthcare, where the pressing challenge is the need of high security and quality requirements targeting 0 defective parts per million (ppm). In addition, advanced computing systems built with novel or advanced technologies bring the benefit of increased computational capability that will offer users better services and more diverse functionalities. In this context, this special issue is focused on test and reliability in design and technology of electronic products, ranging from integrated circuits modules and printed circuit boards to full systems and microsystems, as well as methodologies and tools used in the design verification and validation process.

  • Integrated Systems Design:
    SOC, SIP design; Multiprocessor systems; Embedded systems; Wireless systems; Network on Chip; Neuromorphic computation; Analog, Mixed Signal and RF systems; MEMS and MOEMS; Low Voltage and Low Power systems; Synthesis (physical, logic); Simulation, Validation and Verification; Hardware Security
  • Integrated Systems Technology:
    Emerging resistive memories; Nanoelectronics; Device Modeling; Material Characterization; Failure Analysis; New Components; Packaging; Process Technology; Reliability Issues; Innovative technologies
  • Integrated Systems Testing and Reliability:
    Test and Security Issues; Defect and Fault Modeling; Analog and Mixed Signal Testing; MEMS/MOEMS Testing; SOC and SIP Testing; Delay Testing; Memory Testing; Single event effect on electronics; Hardness insurance; Fault Simulation, ATPG; DFT, BIST, BISR; On-line Testing; Fault Tolerant Systems; Approximate computing; Quantum computing; Alternative Test Strategies

Submitted articles must not have been previously published or currently submitted for journal publication elsewhere.

As an author, you are responsible for understanding and adhering to our submission guidelines.

You can find below the link to the page dedicated to the Special Issue in the Elsevier Microelectronics Reliability journal website.
During the submission process, please, select the option SI_DTIS when you reach the menu “Article Type”. This option will be enabled as soon as possible.