Romain Lebreton

Romain Lebreton
161 rue Ada
F-34095 Montpellier
Email: romain.lebreton [at]
Phone: +33 4 67 41 85 83

Current teaching


Oct. 2014 –    "Maître de Conférences" at Université de Montpellier
Oct. 2013 – Aug. 2014    Posdoctoral Fellow at the Symbolic Computation Group of the University of Waterloo
Sept. 2012 – Sept. 2013    Postdoc "High Performance Algebraic Computing" at Montpellier in the ARITH team.



  1. A. Bostan, F. Chyzak, M. Giusti, R. Lebreton, G. Lecerf, B. Salvy, É. Schost. Algorithmes Efficaces en Calcul Formel.
    Version imprimée [ Amazon ] ou version PDF [ HAL ]

Reviewed international journals

  1. J. Doliskani, P. Giorgi, R. Lebreton, É. Schost. Simultaneous conversions with the Residue Number System using linear algebra.
    Accepted in ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software, 2017. [ HAL | PDF ]
  2. R. Lebreton. Relaxed Hensel lifting of triangular sets.
    Journal of Symbolic Computation, Vol 68-2, 2015, p. 230-258. [ PDF | doi ]
  3. R. Lebreton and É. Schost. A simple and fast online power series multiplication and its analysis.
    Journal of Symbolic Computation, Vol 72, 2016, p. 231-251. [ PDF | HAL  | doi ]

Proceedings of peer-reviewed international conferences

  1. S. G. Hyun, R. Lebreton, É. Schost. Algorithms for structured linear systems solving and their implementation.
    Accepted in Proceedings of ISSAC'17, 2017. [ HAL | PDF ]
  2. P. Giorgi and R. Lebreton. Online order basis algorithm and its impact on block Wiedemann algorithm.
    In Proceedings of ISSAC'14, 2014. [ PDF | doi ]
  3. J. van der Hoeven, R. Lebreton and É. Schost. Structured FFT and TFT: symmetric and lattice polynomials.
    In Proceedings of ISSAC'13. ACM Press, 2013. [ PDF | HAL | doi ]
  4. R. Lebreton, E. Mehrabi and É. Schost. On the complexity of solving bivariate systems: the case of non-singular solutions.
    In Proceedings of ISSAC'13. ACM Press, 2013. [ PDF | HAL | doi ]
  5. J. Berthomieu and R. Lebreton. Relaxed p-adic Hensel lifting for algebraic systems.
    In Proceedings of ISSAC'12, pages 59-66. ACM Press, 2012. [ PDF | HAL | doi ]
  6. R. Lebreton and É. Schost. Algorithms for the universal decomposition algebra.
    In Proceedings of ISSAC'12, pages 234-241. ACM Press, 2012. Distinguished Student Author Paper. [ PDF | HAL | doi ]
  7. A. Bostan, M. Chowdhurry, R. Lebreton, B. Salvy, and É Schost. Power series solutions of singular (q)-differential equations.
    In Proceedings of ISSAC'12, pages 107-114. ACM Press, 2012. [ PDF | arxiv | doi ]





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