Fourth Meeting

The fourth meeting of the ANR EGOS will take place at G-SCOP (room C319), Grenoble, from February 1st to February 3rd, 2016.


Monday February 1st

  • 10h : Louis Esperet, Box representations of embedded graphs (slides)
  • 14h : Torsten Ueckerdt, Interval Representations of Graphs (slides)
  • 16h : Nicolas Bonichon, On the enumeration of planar Eulerian orientations (slides)

Tuesday February 2nd

  • 10h : Marie Albenque, A generic method for bijections between blossoming trees and planar maps (slides)
  • 14h : Benjamin Lévêque, Encoding toroidal triangulations (slides)
  • 16h : Arnaud De Mesmay, Shortest path embeddings of graphs on surfaces (slides)

Wednesday February 3rd

  • 9h30 : Daniel Gonçalves, 3-colorable planar graphs are 3-DIR (slides)
  • 11h : Vincent Despré, Computing the geometric intersection number of curves (slides)
  • 14h : Matej Stehlik - Edge- and face-width of projective quadrangulations (slides)

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