MAB: Méthodes et algorithmes pour la bio informatique

At the crossroad between biology and computer science, bioinformatics aims at solving biological problems using computational approaches. These techniques cover a broad range of areas, from theoretical biology to agronomy through health and environmental science. The main objective of our team is to provide new methods (string and tree algorithms, optimization methods, combinatorial approaches and  statistical learning methods) to answer important biological questions (evolution, phylogenetics, comparative genomics, functional annotation of genes and proteins, malaria, HIV, cancer).

Research themes are organized in three main axes : Treatment of sequencing data, Methods for evolution analysis, and Tools for functional annotation. The software developed by the team are available on the ATGC platform.



No permanents


November 2017: PhD defense of Emma Saulnier : "Phylodynamique des pathogènes viraux par calcul bayésien approché". Congratulations to Emma!

November 2017 : Olivier Gascuel got the "Grand Prix INRIA Académie des Sciences". Congratulations to Olivier!


Optimisation, Classification, Transcriptomes, Cancer, Algorithmic of text and trees, Combinatoric, Probabilistic and statistic modeling, Phylogeny, Hight speed sequencing, Genomes, HIV, Proteomes, Malaria

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