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Computer Science Department

Department Presentation

The Computer Science Department is organized into 15 teams, one of which being shared with the Robotics Department. It gathers about 100 permanent researchers and about 70 Ph.D. students.

The department’s teams cover a broad spectrum of computer science research. They cover the fundamentals of computation, data science and artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, image analysis and software engineering. Several applications are developed including biology and life sciences, health, agriculture, ecology and biodiversity, as well as human and social sciences.

Numerous collaborations with the socio-economic world (hospitals, start-ups, local or regional companies, multinationals) are developed throughout the department.

Members of the department are involved in many scientific societies at the international and national level (particularly within GDR).

ADVANSE : ADVanced Analytics for data SciencE

ALGCO : Algorithmes, Graphes et Combinatoire

BOREAL : Représentation de Connaissances et Langages à Base de Règles pour Raisonner sur les Données

COCONUT : Agents, Apprentissage, Contraintes

DALI : Digits, architectures et logiciels informatiques

ECO : Exact Computing

ESCAPE : Systèmes complexes, automates et pavages

ICAR : Image & Interaction

MAB : Méthodes et algorithmes pour la bio informatique

MAORE : Methods, Algorithms for Operations REsearch

MAREL : Models and Reuse Engineering, Languages

SMILE : Système Multi-agent, Interaction, Langage, Evolution

TEXTE : Exploration et exploitation de données textuelles

WEB3 : Web Architecture X Semantic Web X Web of Data

ZENITH : Gestion de données scientifiques

Some of the Computer Science Department’s software prototypes are available online.