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Security & safety


The massification of exchanged data, the heterogeneity of storage and processing media and the diversification of uses induced by these data have triggered in recent years a multiplication of software and hardware attacks, affecting all types of media: connected objects deployed in homes and professional environments, critical systems and infrastructures, personal data, etc. Faced with this situation, cybersecurity has become a major issue to protect citizens and companies.

The activities of LIRMM researchers touch all aspects of cybersecurity: from IT aspects to hardware aspects. They are part of the national GDR security, IM, ISIS and SoC² and at the regional level in the recent Institute of Cybersecurity of Occitania. They give rise to numerous international academic and industrial collaborations. LIRMM innovations have led to the creation of two companies: Algodone and NinjaLab.

Themes and areas of activity

  • Multimedia data: image crypto-compression, securing 3D meshes, insertion of hidden data in the encrypted domain, steganography
  • Cryptography and its algorithmic foundations: design of advanced cryptographic protocols, algorithmic arithmetic, factorization and discrete logarithm algorithms
  • Post-quantum cryptography: design of post-quantum systems, mathematical foundations of the underlying objects, integration and hardware attacks of post-quantum algorithm implementations
  • Privacy protection: anonymity, differential privacy, anonymous data management
  • Secure distributed computing protocols: distributed cryptography, blockchain, secure database computing
  • Hardware-software interface: memory corruption, code-breaking, code injection
  • Hardware attacks and countermeasures: covert channel attacks, fault injection, micro-architectural (cache-based attacks, rowhammer and embedded test devices)
  • Integrity and authenticity of embedded systems: prevention and detection of hardware trojans, overproduction, IP protection and authentication.
  • Hardware design for security: processors, gas pedals, countermeasures.
  • Security: software security, dependability, formal methods, fault tolerance in various application domains (robotics, embedded systems, …)
  • R. Akbarinia (Zenith)
  • P. Benoit (ADAC)
  • C. Bouvier (STI-AR)
  • F. Bruguier (ADAC)
  • A. Casteltort (WEBCUBE)
  • D. Crestani (EXPLORE)
  • D. Delahaye (MAREL)
  • M. Chaumont (ICAR)
  • S. Dupuis (TEST)
  • M. L. Flottes (TEST)
  • J.-M. Gallière (SmartIES)
  • P. Giorgi (ECO)
  • K. Godary-Dejean (EXPLORE)
  • B. Grenet (ECO)
  • E. Guerrini (ECO)
  • L. Imbert (ECO)
  • F. Laguillaumie (ECO)
  • R. Lebreton (ECO)
  • A. Laurent (WEBCUBE)
  • P. Maurine (SmartIES)
  • C. Negre (DALI)
  • W. Puech (ICAR)
  • A. Romanchenko (ESCAPE)
  • B. Rouzeyre (TEST)
  • L. Torres (ADAC)
  • V. Zucca (DALI)
  • T. Roche (NinjaLab)
  • V. Lomné (NinjaLab)
  • ECO/ESCAPE seminar – Andrea Lesavourey, (Irisa) : « Log-S-unit lattices using Explicit Stickelberger Generators to solve Approx Ideal-SVP » – Friday 3th February 2023
  • ECO/ESCAPE seminar – Cyril Bouvier (CNRS, LIRMM) : « How to compute with imaginary quadratic forms ? » – Wednesday 14th December 2022
  • ECO/ESCAPE seminar – Carles Padro (Polytechnic University of Catalonia)  : Friday 9th December 2022
  • ECO/ESCAPE seminar – Michela Ceria (University of Bari) : « Some hypersurfaces over finite fields, minimal codes and secret sharing schemes » – Friday 18th November 2022
  • ECO/ESCAPE seminar – Maxime Bros (Université de Limoges) : « RQC revisited and more cryptanalysis for Rank-based Cryptography » – Wednesday 19th October 2022
  • ECO/ESCAPE seminar – Katharina Boudgoust (Aarhus University) : « Some Easy Instances of Ideal-SVP and Implications on the Partial Vandermonde
    Knapsack Problem » – Wednesday 12th October 2022
  • ECO/ESCAPE seminar – Dan Roche (United States Naval Academy) : « Fighting Fake News in Encrypted Messaging with the Fuzzy Anonymous Complaint Tally System (FACTS) » – Wednesday 13th July 2022
  • ECO/ESCAPE seminar – Carla Mascia (Università di Trento) : « Commutative algebra applied to coding theory and cryptography » – Monday 11th July 2022
  • Seminar – Valence Cristiani (CEA)  «Fit The Joint Moments !  A Generic Unsupervised Side-Channel Attack Against any Masking Scheme at any Order » –  Wednesday 15th June 2022
  • ECO/ESCAPE seminar – Grigory Solomatov (Tel Aviv University) : “Fast list decoding of algebraic geometry codes” – Wednesday 27th April 2022
  • ECO/ESCAPE seminar – Gabrielle De Micheli (University of California, San Diego) : “Network enumeration for Tower NFS: a 521-bit discrete logarithm calculation” – Thursday 21st April 2022
  • ECO/ESCAPE seminar – Julien Lavauzelle (University of Paris 8, LAGA) « Private Information Retrieval with a coding-theoretic perspective » – Wednesday, 23th March 2022
  • Cybersecurity Day – November, 26th 2021
  • ECO/ESCAPE seminar – Alice Pellet-Mary (CNRS, IMB) “On the hardness of the NTRU problem” – Wednesday, 15th December 2021
  • ECO/ESCAPE seminar – Laurent Imbert, LIRMM, CNRS, University of Montpellier “An Alternative Approach for SIDH Arithmetic” – Wednesday 19th May 2021
  • ECO/ESCAPE seminar – Cyril Bouvier, LIRMM, CNRS, University of Montpellier “Introduction to Isogeny-Based Cryptography” – Wednesday 12th May 2021