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Today, LIRMM is 420 members strong.

The scientific teams include 52 Full-Time Researchers, and 121 Full and Associate Professors working in three research departments.They are assisted by 129 PhD students and 79 Lab members with short-term contracts (Post-Docs, Research Engineers, etc.).

To support this diverse scientific staff, dedicated technical and Administrative personnel provide centralized services, ensuring smooth Lab operations.

COMM: Communication

STI-AR: Appui à la recherche

LOG: Logistique

GEST-FI: Gestion financière

VALO: Valorisation-Europe-Incubation

GEST-ADM: Gestion administrative et Accueil

INDEx: Ingénierie Numérique Données Exploitation

DORIST: DOnnées Reproductibles et IST

Finally, several governing bodies give LIRMM its day-to-day roadmap and long-term strategic orientations.