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Robotics Department


Department Presentation

LIRMM’s robotics department includes about thirty permanent staff (researchers, professors, and engineers) and about thirty PhD and post-doctoral students. In order to design high-performance and safe robots, capable of operating in difficult environments or of collaborating in direct physical interaction with humans, the teams of the LIRMM’s robotics department work on the development and experimental validation of efficient, reliable and robust modeling, design, perception and control methods. The overall objective is to promote the development of fundamental tools and to bring them to maturity and industrial transfer.

These research and valorization works focus on medical and parallel robotics (DEXTER team), perception and underwater exploration robotics (EXPLORE and ICAR teams) as well as human-robot physical interaction and humanoid robotics (IDH team). The LIRMM’s robotics department research activities are applied in particular to manufacturing industry, healthcare, environment and human in his daily environment.

EXPLORE : Robotique mobile pour l’exploration de l’environnement

IDH : Interactive Digital Humans

RSM : Robotique Sous-Marine

ICAR : Image & Interaction

DEXTER : Robotique médicale et mécanismes parallèles

The Robotics platform is a technological platform dedicated to research, technology transfer and teaching. It is part of the national ROBOTEX network (equipment of excellence) of experimental robotics platforms. The Robotics platform brings together the hardware and software resources as well as the engineers involved in the development and maintenance of robots. Four experimental halls with a total surface area of more than 1000m2 house humanoid robots, parallel robots, underwater robots, mobile land robots, collaborative robots and surgical assistance robots.

Filpper underwater robot used to collect cones (poisonous shells) in the Indian Ocean, project X-Life 2017, “Mission pour l’Interdisciplinarité du CNRS” (ICAR team).
Cable robot CoGiRo equipped with a stabilizer — ANR project DexterWide (DEXTER team)
Humanoid robot HRP-4 climbing stairs (COMANOID EU H2020 project, IDH team).
LIRMM roboticists and computer scientists collaborate with marine biologists from MARBEC and CUFR to develop a robotic fish counting protocol (EXPLORE team)