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Partnership & Start-up


With a view to validating our work in an applied field or to sharing technology or know-how, we are developing long-term research partnerships with industrial groups and innovative SMEs, enabling them to:

  • access to the laboratory’s research results on cutting-edge technologies
  • develop their R&D with a technological advantage
  • develop new innovative products and services to differentiate themselves in the marketplace
  • be associated with joint research projects

Technology transfer

The LIRMM research teams develop prototypes in the framework of scientific collaborations with their academic and industrial partners. They support the development and continuous improvement of technological tools to enable the development and marketing of innovative products and services.

Support for the creation of innovative start-ups

The LIRMM’s project teams have been supporting the creators of innovative companies with their partners for more than 25 years, enabling companies to differentiate themselves in the marketplace through their technological advancements, and thus creating many jobs in the region.

Training through research

  • We train young doctors who are integrated into regional companies, in particular via the CIFRE scheme
  • We train your employees in state-of-the-art equipment.
  • We help you to recruit your engineers

Direct collaboration

The LIRMM teams can also support companies via research contracts to help them find technological solutions to develop their R&D projects


AcuSurgical, Symétrie, Tecnalia Algodone, Ninjalab…