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This joint laboratory is Franco-Canadian partnership. It was co-established by the LIRMM (CNRS 5506) and the IGMM (CNRS 5535) on the French side, and by the University of British Columbia’s Children’s & Women’s Health Centre, (British Columbia branch) on the Canadian side.

These teams investigate the transcriptional regulation of genes, particularly that of microRNAs.

LIRMM Contact: Laurent BREHELIN – Research Fellow CNRS – MAB team

The Joint Stanford-Montpellier Laboratory was launched in 2019. The originality of this project is to cover different scientific disciplines and to involve several teams of the laboratory from the three departments: FADO and GRAPHIK for the Computer Science department on semantic web and knowledge representation issues, DEXTER and IDH for the Robotics department and SMARTIES for the Microelectronics department in the field of emerging technologies based on carbon nanotubes to design energy efficient electronic systems.

LIRMM contact

The ambition of the IRP “INSIMIA” is to develop new research activities in the field of integrity of embedded systems on chip in a research space focused on Artificial Intelligence. These activities cover actions performed throughout the design flow of a circuit to allow its testing and quality improvement, or to anticipate permanent or transient failures occurring when the circuit is in operational conditions. They also include actions carried out at the end of the manufacturing process (production testing, fault diagnosis, yield analysis, etc.) and during operation within the application framework (on-line testing, error recovery, etc.). Guaranteeing the integrity of systems-on-chip is a major challenge that requires research at the crossroads of several disciplines (mathematics, physics, computer science, electronics) and the implementation of architectural, algorithmic, and computational solutions that are efficient, low-cost and robust.

Contact LIRMM : Patrick GIRARD – CNRS Research Director – TEST team

The LAFISI joint laboratory was co-established by the LIRMM and Politecnico Di Torino, in Torino, Italy. Its main objective is to promote French-Italian collaboration in the field of hardware-software integrated systems, by developing novel approaches for built-in self-tests and design-for-tests, test pattern generation and fault simulation, performance verification, diagnosis, fault tolerance and system reliability.

LIRMM Contact: Patrick GIRARD – Research Director CNRS – TEST team