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Field of expertise

LIRMM has skills in most fields of information science and technology, through the research it conducts in its three scientific departments. LIRMM is at the heart of technological and software platforms that embody its expertise in various fields.

The LIRMM computer platforms

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, bioinformatics, software engineering, cryptography, image processing, data mining, algorithms, computation.

The LIRMM microelectronic platforms

Keywords: Analysis and models for circuit design, testing of integrated circuits and systems, MEMS design and testing, adaptive circuits and systems, biomedical circuits and systems.

Areas of expertise and research teams involved:

The LIRMM robotic platforms

Keywords: Mechanical design, modelling and control architecture of robotic systems, production, humanoid, medical and mobile robotics, physiological signal processing, data analysis for man-machine interfaces.

Areas of expertise and research teams involved:

  • Medical robotics: DEXTER
  • Parallel robotics: DEXTER
  • Cobotics and human-robot physical interactions: IDH
  • Humanoid robotics: IDH
  • Underwater robotics: EXPLORE, ICAR
  • Visual data analysis and processing: ICAR

The laboratory has also acquired solid expertise in disciplines that cut across its core competencies: for example, it contributes to the development of new digital technologies for health and the environment.

With our knowledge, know-how and resources, we want to enrich our industrial partnerships by stepping up our efforts to develop open and accessible technological platforms, by putting our know-how at the service of the creation of innovative companies, and by associating businesses, especially SMEs, even more closely with joint research projects.