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ECAI 2012 Workshops (Monday 27th):


Spatio-Temporal Dynamics (STeDy 2012)

Monday 27th + Tuesday Morning 28th, IAE TD Room 04

[Program chairs: Mehul Bhatt, Hans W. Guesgen and Ernest Davis]

13th International Workshop on Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems (CLIMA XIII)

Monday 27th + Tuesday 28th, Polytech SC003

[Program chairs: Michael Fisher and Leon Van Der Torre]

Ubiquitous Data Mining (UDM)

Monday Afternoon 27th, Polytech TD022

[Program chairs: Joao Gama, Manuel Santos, Nuno Marques, Paulo Cortez and Pedro Rodrigues]

Workshop on Configuration (ConfWS’12)

Monday  27th, IAE TD Room 06

[Program chairs: Wolfgang Mayer and Patrick Albert]

2nd International Workshop on Agent-based Modeling for PoLicy Engineering

Monday  27th, Polytech TD014

[Program chairs: Francien Dechesne, Amineh Ghorbani and Neil Yorke-Smith]

Active and Incremental Learning (AIL)

Monday Afternoon 27th, Polytech SC005

[Program chairs: Vincent Lemaire, Pascal Cuxac and Jean-Charles Lamirel]

1st International Workshop of Artificial Intelligence and Netmedicine (NetMed)

Monday  27th, IAE TD Room 07

[Program chairs: Aldo Franco Dragoni and Roberto Posenato]


Monday Morning 27th, Polytech TD022

[Program chairs: Jordi Nin and Daniel Villatoro]

12th International Workshop On Computational Models of Natural Argument (CMNA 12)

Monday  27th, Polytech TD114

[Program chairs: Floriana Grasso, Nancy Green and Chris Reed]

Workshop on AI Problems and Approaches for Intelligent Environments (AI@IE 2012)

Monday  27th, Building 5 TD5.13

[Program chairs: Sebastian Bader, Anika Schumann and Stephan Sigg]

SAMAI: Similarity and Analogy-based Methods in AI

Monday  27th, Building 5 TD5.14

[Program chairs: Gilles Richard]

Artificial Intelligence meets the Web of Data (AImWD)

Monday  27th, Polytech TD013

[Program chairs: Christophe Guéret, Dino Ienco, Francois Scharffe and Serena Villata]

6th Multidisciplinary Workshop on Advances in Preference Handling

Monday  27th, Polytech SC004

[Program chairs: Nicolas Maudet, Kristen Brent Venable and Paolo Viappiani]

COmbining COnstraint solving with MIning and LEarning (CoCoMile)

Monday  27th, Polytech TD011

[Program chairs: Remi Coletta, Tias Guns, Barry O'Sullivan, Andrea Passerini and Guido Tack]

Computer Games Workshop at ECAI 2012

Monday  27th, Polytech TD012

[Program chairs: Tristan Cazenave]

Machine Learning for Interactive Systems (MLIS): Bridging the Gap Between Language, Motor Control and Vision

Monday  27th, Polytech TD115

[Program chairs: Heriberto Cuayahuitl, Lutz Frommberger, Nina Dethlefs and Hichem Sahli]

Diagnostic REAsoning: Model Analysis and Performance (DREAMAP)

Monday Afternoon 27th, Polytech SC104

[Program chairs: Yannick Pencolé, Alexander Feldman and Alban Grastien]

Computational Creativity, Concept Invention, and General Intelligence 2012

Monday  27th, Polytech SC105

[Program chairs: Tarek Richard Besold, Kai-Uwe Kuehnberger, Alan Smaill and Marco Schorlemmer]

BNC’12: Belief change, Nonmonotonic reasoning, and Conflict resolution

Monday  27th, Polytech TD015

[Program chairs: Sébastien Konieczny and Tommie Meyer]

ECAI 2012 Workshops (Tuesday 28th):


Spatio-Temporal Dynamics (STeDy 2012)

Monday 27th + Tuesday Morning 28th, IAE TD Room 04

[Program chairs: Mehul Bhatt, Hans W. Guesgen and Ernest Davis]

13th International Workshop on Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems (CLIMA XIII)

Monday 27th + Tuesday 28th, Polytech SC003

[Program chairs: Michael Fisher and Leon Van Der Torre]

1st European Workshop on Chance Discovery and Data Synthesis

Tuesday 28th, Polytech TD012

[Program chairs: Akinori Abe and Yukio Ohsawa]

7th International and ECAI 2012 Workshop on Explanation-aware Computing (ExaCt 2012) 

Tuesday Morning 28th, Polytech TD114

[Program chairs: Thomas Roth-Berghofer, David Leake and Jörg Cassens]

5th International Workshop on Evolutionary and Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Robot Systems (ERLARS 2012) 

Tuesday 28th, Polytech SC005

[Program chairs: Nils T Siebel and Yohannes Kassahun]

Algorithmic issues for inference in graphical models 

Tuesday 28th, IAE Room TD 07

[Program chairs: Nathalie Peyrard, Thomas Schiex and Stéphane Robin]

What can FCA do for Artificial Intelligence (FCA4AI) 

Tuesday 28th, Polytech TD013

[Program chairs: Sergei Kuznetsov, Amedeo Napoli and Sebastian Rudolph]

8th Workshop on Knowledge Engineering and Software Engineering (KESE2012) 

Tuesday Morning 28th, Polytech TD022

[Program chairs: Grzegorz J. Nalepa, Joaquín Cañadas and Joachim Baumeister]

Artificial Intelligence for Knowledge Management

Tuesday 28th, IAE Room TD 06

[Program chairs: Eunika Mercier-Laurent, Nada Matta, Ines Saad and Mieczyslaw Owoc]

RDA2 - Rights and Duties of Autonomous Agents

Tuesday 28th, Polytech TD014

[Program chairs: Olivier Boissier, Grégory Bonnet and Catherine Tessier]

JIMSE: Joint workshops on Intelligent Methods for Software System Engineering

Tuesday 28th, Building 16 TD16.46

[Program chairs: Stamatia Bibi, Alessandro Moschitti, Barbara Plank ans Ioannis Stamelos]

Planning to Learn (PlanLearn 2012)

Tuesday 28th, Building 16 TD16.50

[Program chairs: Joaquin Vanschoren, Pavel Brazdil and Jorg-Uwe Kietz]

Cooking with Computers (CwC)

Tuesday 28th, Polytech SC004

[Program chairs: Amélie Cordier and Emmanuel Nauer]

Preference Learning: Problems and Applications in Artificial Intelligence (PL–12)

Tuesday Morning 28th, Building 5 Amphi 5.03

[Program chairs: Johannes Fürnkranz and Eyke Hüllermeier]

Acquisition, Representation and Reasoning with Contextualized Knowledge, 4th International Workshop (ARCOE-12)

Tuesday 28th, Polytech TD011

[Program chairs: Michael Fink, Martin Homola, Alessandra Mileo and Ivan Jose Varzinczak]

WL4AI: Weighted Logics for AI

Tuesday 28th, Polytech TD115

[Program chairs: Lluis Godo and Henri Prade]

3rd International Workshop on Combinations of Intelligent Methods and Applications (CIMA-12)

Tuesday 28th, Polytech SC104

[Program chairs: Ioannis Hatzilygeroudis and Vasile Palade]

3rd International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Logistics (AILog)

Tuesday 28th, Polytech SC105

[Program chairs: Lutz Frommberger, Kerstin Schill and Bernd Scholz-Reiter]

Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Telecommunications and Sensors Networks (WAITS)

Tuesday Morning 28th, IAE Room TD 05

[Program chairs: Barry O'Sullivan, Ken Brown and Cormac Sreenan]

Intelligent Agents in City Simulations and Smart Cities

Tuesday 28th, Polytech TD015

[Program chairs: Vincent Corruble, Fabio Carrera and Stephen Guerin]