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IOTEROP, a LIRMM partner, wins the IoT Solutions World Congress prize

Price given to IOTEROP in collaboration with LIRMM

IOTEROP, which collaborates with LIRMM, wins the IoT Solutions World Congress prize in Barcelona.

IOTEROP won the IoT Solutions World Congress prize in Barcelona with Synox, alongside Intel, Nokia and Huawei, in a congress that attracted more than 15,000 international participants, i.e. over 70 countries represented and 300 exhibiting companies. IOTEROP, supported by the University of Montpellier, under an agreement with Polytech Montpellier and a collaboration contract with the LIRMM, is a provider of software and electronic solutions for the security, interoperability and remote management of connected objects in the world of the Internet of Things. The young company is a member of the Open Mobile Alliance, actively participates in the definition of IoT standards and is today one of the world leaders in OMA Lightweight M2M technology. The Montpellier startup was able to obtain this very nice award thanks to two former students of the MEA department of Polytech Montpellier, Jérémy Audiger and Yohan Boyer (currently doing a thesis in the ADAC team at LIRMM).


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