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Mental Health Working Group -

In these times of confinement, many applications have emerged to support fragile people. The application, developed by researchers from the ICM (Brain Institute), UPEC, the University of Geneva and the CNRS, is designed to support people with mental health difficulties, whether transient or chronic, in the development of skills, behaviors and adaptive abilities that enable effective responses to the current crisis situation and its immediate, short, medium and long-term evolution.

In this application, practitioners express themselves to help users (advice, support…). To complete this top-down approach, several LIRMM teams will contribute to this initiative by proposing a bottom-up complement via a discussion forum. From now on, users will express themselves with the help of practitioners, which on the one hand will improve the user experience and on the other hand, thanks to data science, will offer site managers innovative functionalities such as recommending messages and users, help with moderation, detection of fake news, implementation of a dashboard for listeners and another for medical authorities such as ARS.

Jérôme Azé, Sandra Bringay and Eric Bourreau are involved in this project.