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Congratulations to Vincent Lefort who was awarded the CNRS Crystal Medal.

The Crystal Medal distinguishes men and women, research support staff, who, through their creativity, technical mastery and sense of innovation, contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the excellence of French research.

This year, it distinguished Vincent Lefort, a CNRS Research Engineer, who joined the LIRMM in 2006 in the MAB team to develop the ATGC bioinformatics platform. Congratulations to him!

After a university degree in biology completed by a year in computer science, as well as two years of experience as an engineer in a software company and in an internet start-up, he naturally turned to bioinformatics. He worked at the Molecular Genetics Center in Gif-sur-Yvette, then at the Institute of Biology and Chemistry of Proteins in Lyon to finally join the LIRMM and be recruited at the CNRS as head of the ATGC platform.

In addition to ensuring the development of the ATGC platform, he has been organizing training in molecular phylogeny at CNRS Formation Entreprises since 2013. He is also involved in the organization of several international conferences (JOBIM, MCEB, GCC).

Also present in the life of the laboratory, he was a representative of the ITA and a member of the Commission des Utilisateurs des Ressources Informatiques. Since 2018, his career has taken a new dimension with his involvement in the IFB management board.