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Neocean received the Grand Prize for Innovation at the 40th Inn’Ovations of the Occitan Region competition and the prize for intelligent and sustainable mobility.

A new way to get around on the water!

The Overboat, offers everyone the pleasure of flying over water, without any learning curve and in complete safety.
This clean and silent boat provides incomparable gliding sensations.
Equipped with the latest automated foil technology and innovative electric propulsion, it is as smart as it is zen.
With its small size, retractable foils and relatively light weight, it adapts to many uses, while respecting the marine environment.

Founder of Neocean, Vincent Dufour has been thinking for a long time about a new way to sail without polluting or disturbing marine life. Inspired and committed, he has been developing tomorrow’s navigation solution with his team for 3 years.

The Overboat has been developed in collaboration with several laboratories of the University of Montpellier.

Participation of the LIRMM’s Explore team, as well as Polytech Montpellier, the LMGC, Isem, IES and the IUT of Nîmes.