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Giant parallel cable robot – H2020 Hephaestus project demonstrator

Image du démonstrateur du projet européen H2020 Hephaestus

The main challenge of the European H2020 project Hephaestus is the installation of glass panels on a building under construction using a parallel cabled robot. This robot is capable of operating autonomously in a very large outdoor work area. It has active devices on board its mobile platform that allow it to perform different operations on the building.

The robotic demonstrator designed and built during the project is an extraordinary robot, capable of moving a payload of more than 1 tonne over a vertical area 8.5 m wide by 10 m high. These performances were obtained thanks to the work carried out at the LIRMM as part of Hussein Hussein’s post-doctorate and João Cavalcanti Santos’ doctoral thesis.

Video of the Hephaestus project demonstrator:

Contact: Marc Gouttefarde

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