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Congratulations to Philippe Poignet, who was elected on December 7 as an open member of the National Academy of Surgery and Innovative Operating Practices.


The National Academy of Surgery is the oldest oldest French surgical institution. Its ancestor is the Royal Academy of Surgery created in 1731 by Georges Mareschal, first surgeon of surgeon of Louis XV and by François La Peyronie, successor of Mareschal. Full and associate members, honorary members, foreign members, free members, represent the different surgical specialities.

Role and objectives of the National Academy of Surgery

• Moral responsibility in all matters relating to surgery

• Guardian of its history

• Witness of its evolution

• Guardian of its ethics

• Careful and rigorous evaluation of the development of technical aspects of the surgical art and their changes

• Definition of good surgical practice: references, recommendations, strategies

• Control of the conditions of the specific practice of surgery

• Assessment of the training and recruitment of surgeons

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