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Congratulations to EpiTransDiag Selected by RISE CNRS, which promotes innovative projects!


Since the creation of the RISE program in 2019, 133 start-up projects have been supported, in the fields of health, the environment, biotechnology, medicine, electronics, optics and digital technology. The tenth promotion welcomes 17 new start-up projects from CNRS laboratories and its partners.


These include: the “EpiTransDiag” project led by Alexandre David, Research Director at the Institut de Génomique Fonctionnelle, Éric Rivals, Research Director at LIRMM and Christophe Hirtz, Head of the CHU’s Plateforme de Protéomique Clinique. This is an innovative solution for the early detection of cancer, and more specifically colorectal cancer, using a liquid biopsy of just a few drops of blood.


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