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Save the Date: Thursday, May 30, 2024, multi-disciplinary research day


Meeting point from 9 a.m. on the Triolet Campus – Salle SC001 of Polytech Montpellier


  • 9h00 : Welcome of participants
  • 9h30 : Opening session
  • 9h45 : Introductory remarks by Philippe Latombe, Member of Parliament for Vendée and member of the CNIL College
  • 10h05 .: Characterizing the risk of data breach and the issues involved
  • 10h05-10h30: Legal mapping of cyber risk, Brunessen Bertrand Professor of Law at the University of Rennes; Jean-Nicolas Robin, Partner at Avoxa and founder of ViaCyber
  • 10h30-10h45: Mapping and managing data-related risks, Léah Perez, Data Protection Officer, co-founder of Trustem
  • 10h45.: Break
  • 11h00: The links between trust and user protection
  • 11:00-11h15: Scoring tools and new European regulations (NIS 2 and CRA), Jan Verdonk, Cybersecurity Project Manager, General Directorate for Enterprise, French Ministry of the Economy and Finance
  • 11h15-11h30: Trust and cyber scoring, Gerulf Kinkelin, Leader of the CLUSIF scoring working group, Strategy Director,
  • 11h30-11h45: The nutriscore of personal data and its impact on consumer intentions, MRM marketing represented by Anne-Sophie Cases, Professor of Marketing at the University of Montpellier.
  • 11h45-12h00: Consumer protection and digital confidence, Claude Gaubert, UFC Que Choisir
  • 12h00-12h30 Questions – closing of the morning session
  • 12h30 – 13h45: Lunch break
  • 13h45 – 14h05: Introductory remarks for the afternoon, Gwendal Legrand, Deputy Head of the EDPB Secretariat
  • 14h05-15h00 : Raising awareness within structures
  • 14h05-14h30: AI tools between incentive and internal regulation: a new change management at Spie batignolles, Julie Bernard-Goodwin, Digital Project Manager; Jean-Renaud Delattre, Legal Director, SPIE Batignolles
  • 14h30-14h45: Cyber risk management, Benoît Moreau, Nexter Cyber Director
  • 14h45-15h00: Raising awareness of personal data protection within a major public group, Benjamin Charrier, Deputy DPO, La Poste Group
  • 15h00-15h20 : The virtues of interdisciplinarity, Déborah Nourrit, Senior Lecturer, University of Montpellier
  • 15h30-15h45: Break
  • 15h45-17h00: Raising public awareness through various means
  • 15h45-16h05: Experiments, observatories and design fictions: Varier les dispositifs de médiation autour de la protection données, Audrey Pety, interaction designer at the CNIL Innovation Laboratory
  • 16h05-16h20: The prospects of legal design for effective awareness-raising among non-lawyers, Pauline Plancq, Lawyer at LK Avocats
  • 16h20-16h35: Occitanie, a leader in cybersecurity awareness, Institut de Cybersécurité d’Occitanie
  • 16h35-16h50: HUT théâtre represented by Alain Foucaran, Professor, Deputy Scientific Director (CNRS Ingénierie)
  • 17h00: Concluding remarks
  • 17h30: Cocktail reception

This event has been organized with the support of the Occitanie Cybersecurity Institute.

Free but compulsory registration:

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