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Key figures


As of June 30, 2019, LIRMM personnel totaled 422 people.

LIRMM Human Resources as of June 30, 2019

  • 49 Permanent Researchers (41 CNRS, 11 Inria)
  • 115 Permanent Research Professors (104 University of Montpellier [UM], 14 non-UM)
  • 25 Non-permanent Researchers and Research Professors
  • 25 affiliated emeriti members (11 regular contributors and 11 long-term guests)
  • 137 PhD Students
  • 29 Permanent Engineers (27 CNRS, 2 Inria)
  • 34 Non-permanent Engineers
  • 8 Non-teaching personnel / BIATSS* (9 UM, 1 Université Paul Valéry)

Total Staff: 422

* Librarians, Engineers, Administrative Staff, Technicians, Social and Health Workers 


In 2018, LIRMM’s consolidated budget was18.6 M€. Salaries accounted for approximately 12M€.


During this period, we obtained 26 patents (or patent extensions), and filed 9 patent applications. Most of these were issued for the Microelectronics (15 patents + 5 applications) and Robotics (9 patents + 3 applications) Departments. The patents obtained included 12 European extensions and 14 US extensions.

R&D Contracts

Nine percent of the Lab’s resources come from contracts with companies. The collaborations they generate are crucial for several teams, who work closely with numerous partners: such is the case for the ADVANSE, ICAR, and MAREL teams in the Computer Science Department; the ADAC, SMARTIES, TEST teams in the Microelectronics Department; and the DEXTER and IDH teams in the Robotics Department, which total at least 5 different R&D or Cifre contracts each.

Generating Start-ups

Between 2014 and 2019, LIRMM scientific teams have collaborated with 28 start-ups. Our support for these start-ups takes various forms, and includes advice, expertise, and/or scientific collaboration. Depending on the situation, this support can be formalized with contracts (which are then listed in the R&D contract list). Four of these start-ups were created by permanent LIRMM researchers. Other companies were created by former LIRMM PhD Students: PRADEO, NATURAL PAD, ALGODONE, NUMALIS, REEDS, NINJALAB and SEQONE. Finally, to further extend our support, we offered to host several start-ups on LIRMM premises. These are: SYHA, NINJALAB, ACUSURGICAL and ADAGE. NEURINNOV is hosted by Inria.

Within the period of reference, 9 of these LIRMM-created or LIRMM-supported start-ups received the I-Lab award:
• In the ‘Emergence’ Category: NUMALIS and ANATOSCOPE