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Machine Learning for Regulatory Genomics

Characterizing the cis-regulatory code of DNA, i.e. the genomic grammar that regulates expression, is a field of intense research, with numerous applications in genetics and cancer research.

Recently, several machine learning and deep learning approaches have shown that it is possible to predict gene expression on the basis of the DNA sequence alone. However, the vast majority of these models are not fully interpretable and do not enable to set up a reverse engineering process capable of identifying the genomic elements (motifs and sequences) responsible for this regulation.

Our transdisciplinary research group thus proposes different machine learning models (linear and logistic models, convolutional neural networks, Hidden Markov models, …) that are both predictive and interpretable in order to identify new sequence features involved in gene expression regulation and the binding of transcription factors. Specifically, we have a special focus on low-complexity sequences, which are present in large quantities in eukaryotic genomes.


  • Quentin Bouvier, PhD student, IGMM
  • Laurent Bréhélin, CR CNRS, LIRMM
  • Océane Cassan, Post-doc, LIRMM
  • Sophie Lèbre, MCF, IMAG & LIRMM
  • Charles Lecellier, DR CNRS, IGMM & LIRMM
  • Julien Raynal, Master Student, IGMM & LIRMM
  • Mathilde Robin, Engineer, ICM & LIRMM
  • Christophe Vroland, Post-doc, IGMM & LIRMM
  • Kevin Yauy, MD, PhD, Univ. Montpellier


  • Amadou Kide Abdallahi, Master Student, IGMM
  • Chloé Bessière, PhD student, IGMM
  • Lisa Calero, Master Student, IGMM
  • Mathys Grapotte, PhD student, IGMM
  • Christophe Menichelli, PhD student, LIRMM
  • Florent Petitprez, Master Student, IGMM
  • Yulia Rodina, Post-doc, LIRMM
  • Raphael Romero, PhD student, IMAG & LIRMM
  • Manu Saraswat, grad. Student, IGMM
  • May Taha, PhD Student, IGMM & IMAG
  • Jimmy Vandel, Post-Doc, LIRMM


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