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PhyML dans la compréhension de l'épidemie du Coronavirus

PhyML is a statistical analysis software that allows to trace the evolution of genes and sometimes even complete genomes. 56 genomes of the Coronavirus nCov-2019 are available to date (February 4, 2020).
The reconstruction of the phylogenetic tree of these viruses (i.e. their genealogy) by PhyML has shown (1,2) that a first group of individuals was contaminated in December 2019 in Wuhan, following a single zoonosis event, i.e. transmission of the virus from animals to humans. Phylogenetic analysis also confirmed that the subsequent transmissions were human-to-human, thus ruling out the hypothesis of multiple transmissions from a pool of infected animals.
PhyML is a software designed and developed by Stéphane Guindon and the LIRMM bioinformatics team. The articles (3,4) describing the algorithms implemented in this tool total more than 25,000 citations.”

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