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Congratulations to Ganesh Gowrishankar for this beautiful paper published in Nature Machine intelligence

Félicitations à Ganesh Gowrishankar pour ce beau papier paru dans Nature Machine intelligence. Un algorithme sympa, réalisé en collaboration avec I2R-ASTAR à Singapour, qui permet aux robots d'utiliser des outils comme les humains.

A new paper involving Ganesh Gowrishankar, researcher at LIRMM Montpellier in the field of Robotics and Neuroscience, and his colleagues at I2R ASTAR has just been accepted in Nature Machine intelligence, and will even be featured on the cover of the next June issue of the magazine! An algorithm, which allows robots to use tools like humans.

Contact : Ganesh Gowrishankar

Voir l’article sur : Nature Machine intelligence

Collaborative research I2R-ASTAR & CNRS

Voir sur YouTube :

Robot Cognition experiment _2-whole body experiments

Tool cognition in robots_1

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