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Congratulations to Philippe Poignet who received the Palmes Académiques on June 10, 2022


The Palmes were also awarded to Jacqueline Vellas, department manager, and Matteo Valenza, director of the IUT. Congratulations to them!

This ceremony took place at the IUT of Montpellier-Sète. In the presence of Philippe Augé, president of the University of Montpellier, and Bruno Fabre, DGS of the University.

The Palmes académiques, were instituted under this name by Napoleon I in 1808 to honor members of the University (including then the high schools) with three grades: holders, officers of the University and officers of the Academies. The terms of their award were extended in 1866 to non-teaching persons who had rendered eminent services to education; they became a decoration.

The decree of October 4, 1955, signed by the President of the Republic, René Coty, instituted the Order of Academic Palms with the grades of knight, officer and commander.

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